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Mandatory O-A Visa Insurance

The purchase of health insurance becomes compulsory in the context of requests and renewals of a non-immigrant OA type visa. Are you concerned?

Following a proposal from the Ministry of Public Health, the Thai government approved on April 2, 2019 the addition of a compulsory health insurance subscription condition by foreigners applying for a non-immigrant visa from OA type (long stay of up to one year - retirees).

The system entered into force on October 31, 2019.

I. What is a non-immigrant OA visa?

The non-immigrant OA visa is intended for retired people and older than 50 years. The first request is made to Thai consular services abroad. It does not allow to work and gives the right to stay in Thailand for one year with multiple entries. During each entry, if the stay exceeds 3 months, the holder must present himself to the immigration service. He can also have this same visa extended with the immigration services in Thailand.

II. What is changing in the new device?

1. A health insurance contract, presented in support of the request, must be compulsory with minimum cover guarantees:

      - THB 400,000 at least for hospital costs;
      - THB 40,000 at least for outpatient costs.

2. A certificate specifying these amounts must also be signed by the company and presented upon request. The form is made available by the Thai authorities.

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