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Team workMost westerners are fortunate to have obligatory insurance, or assumed having a medical insurance. Still, when you are in Thailand, see to it that your cash or credit card is always ready, or at least, have on hand the most pertinent medical insurance documents. In cases of hospital admissions, you are required to pay up front for the treatments. There have been stories appearing in a local Thai newspaper about a young Thai couple that was turned down upon arriving in a private hospital, only to find out that cannot be accommodated just because they cannot show the money. This is somewhat a major ethical flaw in Thailand's health care system.

Although general treatment and admission in private hospitals is quite pleasant, demanding for money up front just to be accommodated is just very impolite and inappropriate.

In most European countries, problems like these are normally avoided because in the first place, patients have obligatory medical insurance and hospitals are confident enough about getting paid.

Staying in Thailand is generally pleasant except for some health care issues that are quite concerning. In order to avoid this, before you relocate to this Southeast Asian country, see to it that you already have applied for an international health care system insurer. That way, you will not have to worry about anything, especially in medical emergencies.


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